Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost on Planet China

Lost on Planet China is the hilarious and eye opening tale of traveler Maarten Troost and his journey through the land of China. 

This is our book for the month of June.  It may change the way you think, shop, and breath.


Watch this video of the "Number One Toilet in Heaven and Earth"

Watch this video of Maarten Troost giving a talk at Google about his book.

Good Treats, good conversation

Tonight we talked about AJ Jacobs, "The Year of Living Biblicaly".  We liked the book.  We liked Mr. Jacobs initiative and dedication to his cause - living the rules of the Bible for a year - something that none of us felt we could truly to - commit to such a radical life change for an entire year.  I mean, it's hard enough to make sure we shower every day, let alone find someone to stone for violating Mosaic law.

I do wear skirts most days and don't shave my legs but once a week....maybe I'm closer than I thought.

As with most of our book club meetings, if Robyn doesn't bring a set of discussion questions, our conversation wanders.  Lately, it seems to wander ahead a month to our next book.  June is about China and we are all a little bit excited about that.