Friday, April 23, 2010

Updates for the next little while

Oh, I love book club.  I really, really do.  I was just telling my husband when I got home last night that I feel very lucky that we've all found each other over the last five years.  What a great group of brilliant, funny, witty, beautiful and talented women I get the chance to talk with.

And eat great treats with.

Group hug!

Here are the details for the next little while:
May 27
Makayla's House (or Heather's if they decide to switch)
"A Year of Living Biblically"

June 24
Annie's House
"Lost on Planet China"

July 22
Melinda's House (Melinda, are you okay with that?)
book TBD

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

I joined the conversation late last night, but it was interesting.

It seems that we all enjoyed the book though a few of us found Ms. Kingsolver to be a tad bit (okay, a lot bit) self-righteous in her bold endeavor to live off the land and scold those of us who oh, drive cars to the local market and eat food.  Sorry - I'm not a farmer, I'm a consumer.

We all agree though that her idea is a good one and that there are many ways that we can take small to large steps that can translate into huge (and positive) changes in our lives and the lives of the food we consume, like:
Buy local products from local stores
Visit farmers markets regularly and buy fresh produce and products
Go herbal when possible

Have a small garden
Buy from friends and family who have connections to locally grown items (eggs, vegetables, meat)
Donate money to organizations like Heifer International ( to provide livelihoods for peoples in remote and often sad places of the world.
Be a stay at home mom and have no life.  Then, you don't have to drive your car and kill the environment.

A few other items that were discussed last night:
herb club;

holistic club/group in the neighborhood. Amy Jones is a doula and herbalist and she's the moderator. Amy Jones;

a link to the holistic conference

http://www.heifer/. org/ (buy cows for poor countries)
http://www.kiva/. org/  (micro-lending)